Natasha Zupan


Method, Material and Meaning

      My work is about a universe where time and emotions intersect. I grew up in Europe and in the US, so have a dual perspective with regards to tradition in painting and aesthetics. My work is about duality and cross-cultural exposure.

     The method, which predominates my work, is collage. It is not only the use of different materials, but also of different representational techniques. By decontextualizing the language of representation, i.e. drawing, painting, color theory, and perspective etc., I reformulate to create a new space. My work is about this process of blurring boundaries and the dialectic between experimentation and tradition.

   I combine images from old masters, alchemical prints, contemporary artists, and bits from magazines and newspapers to create overlapping, intersecting worlds of transparencies and transformation. Collage allows emotions to converge with the material. I play with the juxtaposition of the past and present in an atmosphere of no time. I seek baroque minimalism. 

     The materials I use consist of embroidered silks dating back from the 18th century coded with time and meaning. I use gold leaf, pigments; rabbit skin glue, acrylic, oil, charcoal, photographs, encyclopedias, magazines and current images from the Internet… 

     The work is informed by romance, desire, disillusion, torment, ecstasy, dream and myth. My best works are erotic displays of mental confusion particularly concerning relationships. I usually work in series to emphasize repetition, and obsession.

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